Fields of application for Peer Group Supervision

Peer Group Supervision can be of use for everyone whose professional tasks are communication as well as building and maintaining supportive professional relationships.

Qualification of high-level personnel and Project Managers

High-level personnel and Project Managers have to master new and changing situations as part of their leadership and management role. It is expected that they successfully master these challenges. Sometimes they see themselves confronted with situations that raise lots of open questions but provide poor answers.

Peer Group Supervision offers a good opportunity for managers of different departments to get together at regular intervals in order to discuss systematically the key topics or problems of their daily work life and to develop suitable solutions. They could, for example, meet for an intensive day every six weeks.

Target groups might be: Trainees, Managers, Project Leaders, Sales Personnel

Quality development in social and educational professions

In many social career fields, clinical supervision conducted by a professional clinical supervisor is offered to the employees. Many employees have collected years of practical experience in participating in clinical supervision, or they were qualified in a counselling education programme. They could utilize these capabilities when running Peer Group Supervision.

In addition to clinical supervision, Peer Group Supervision could serve as a valuable source for dealing with difficult professional issues and as a supportive field for maintaining and developing professional skills and resources. During Peer Group Supervision meetings, the participants can discuss cases and difficult situations with clients in order to extend their abilities to deal with problematic issues. Members could meet, for example, bi-weekly for two hours.

Target groups: Teachers, Social Workers, Counsellors, Psychologists, Therapists, Legally Responsible Guardians

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