Benefits of Peer Group Supervision

Peer Group Supervision is a complex but nevertheless simple training field for personnel development. It offers:

  • Improvement in communication and interactive skills
  • Qualification in counselling and coaching skills
  • Quality assurance and quality improvement

For the participants of Peer Group Supervision, it offers:

  • New ideas for work life and new perspectives for well-worn behaviour patterns
  • Reflection on management and work style
  • Sympathy and support in difficult situations
  • Improvement of professional interaction with clients, customers and employees
  • Practice in supportive and accompanying counselling skills
  • Better exchange of knowledge between colleagues
  • Improvement of team cooperation

For the organization, it offers:

  • Improvement of quality of work and better work performance
  • Reasonable costs for personnel development
  • Better qualified employees
  • Development of a shared supportive organizational culture

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