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If you have any questions about Peer Group Supervision or if you are interested in upcoming events, please get in touch with me. For introduction seminars for your organization please request a noncommittal offer.

Dr. phil. Kim-Oliver Tietze (Dipl.-Psych.)
Work and Organizational Psychologist
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Address: Ottenser Marktplatz 15 – D-22765 Hamburg – Germany
Phone: +49 / (0) 173 / 209 25 96

Special offers concerning Peer Group Supervision:

  • Consultation for the introduction of Peer Group Supervision in your company
  • Introductory workshops and presentations on Peer Group Supervision
  • Internal introductory training of Peer Group Supervision

General offers for consultation, training and executive coaching:

  • Design, realization and evaluation of personnel development programmes for high-level personnel
  • Training of leadership, communication, cooperation, facilitation and presentation skills
  • Team building and team development
  • Executive coaching

The contents represented on this website are selected extracts of the whole method and are therefore not complete. They offer impressions of the process and opportunities of Peer Group Supervision. All suggestions and comments are welcome and can be sent to: info (aet)

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