Consulting module: Actstorming

The module of Actstorming* resembles the brainstorming, but especially focuses on the collection of behavioural sequences, sentences and expressions that the Case Presenter might use in a conversation. Actstorming is usually selected when the Case Presenter faces a problem with someone else, and he/she knows what he/she wants to achieve in a future conversation, but is unsure how to communicate this. He might ask: “How can I express politely but also clearly that I am not satisfied with Mr. Allnutt’s current behaviour?” or: “How can I open the next meeting of my project team when the last one was so chaotic?”

For Actstorming, a small scenario is built, similar to a role play. One empty chair is used as a replacement to the Case Presenter where the Consultants can express their suggestions of literal speech. Another chair is placed opposite the empty chair to represent the person to whom the sentences are addressed. This chair is left empty, since it only serves as an orientation point.

Successively the Consultants sit down on the empty chair of the Case Presenter and formulate their speech as a short monologue. Their speeches may vary regarding terms, intonation and diplomacy. The Case Presenter just listens during this phase.

* Thanks to Dr. Alexander Redlich (Department of Psychology, University of Hamburg) for the creation of this method.

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