Consulting module: Headstand Brainstorming

Headstand Brainstorming is an attractive variant of brainstorming. To prepare for Headstand Brainstorming the meaning of the original key question is reversed. The Consultants now collect ideas regarding this reversed key question.

This method is a creative alternative to brainstorming and it occasionally produces new perspectives for difficult situations. Headstand Brainstorming helps the Case Presenter to gain greater distance from his/her case. The collection of paradoxical ideas and suggestions usually points at different types of behaviour that the Case Presenter should avoid to show in the future. Many ideas refer to types of behaviour that might cause or maintain problematic situations.

Example: the original key question “What can I do to motivate my subordinate Mr. Ekstein to work more carefully on his tasks?” is reversed to “What can I do to maintain Mr. Ekstein’s current poor work performance at its present level or make it even worse?”

The Moderator suggests the reverse formulation of the original key question. The meaning of the original key question thus is “placed on its head”. A secretary is nominated to take notes of all contributions.

The Consultants are now asked to collect ideas that might worsen the problematic situation of the Case Presenter.

At the end of the Headstand Brainstorming session the group might help the Case Presenter to reverse the collected “wrong” suggestions and put them “back on their feet”.

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