Qualified trainings

Qualified trainings

Training in peer group supervision

Our trainings are available as open or in-house seminars, in-person on site, in Hamburg, or online remotely. They can be held in German or English.

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Peer group supervision requires skill to meet the diverse personalities and practical issues. While the principle is quickly understood and attractive, it proves challenging in practice to engage in peer group supervision at a high level.

Participants need a shared understanding of the peer group supervision process and group organisation to be able to effectively contribute to it, and to benefit from it in return. They need knowledge about the methodology, and skills and experiences in the main roles within peer group supervision (case presenter, peer consultant, moderator).

It is essential that participants know how to avoid potential difficulties during the peer group supervision, or how to resolve and overcome them. Participants should have shared experiences working together as a group. Ideally, participants of a mutual (future) group participate in one training together for this reason.

Introductory seminars are ideal for those who would like to get to know the basics of peer group supervision, the methodology, and the roles and gain first practical experiences within the group. For advanced participants, we offer further methodological skills, an expansion of consultation competencies and more experience in peer group supervision.

Choose the format that works best for you: The trainings can be conducted in-person, online as a video meeting, or in a combination of both. In German or English.

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Introductory training


Participants are introduced to the structure, methodology, and roles in peer group supervision. Practicing peer group supervision several times with cases and questions from participants is an essential core of the introductory seminar. These practical experiences will be systematically reflected upon. This helps to foster acquired skills and further qualify participants in peer group supervision. A recommended duration is 16 hours, i.e. two days. After the introductory seminar, a group will be able to independently practice self-directed peer group supervision.

  • Approach and philosophy of peer group supervision
  • Structure, methodology, and roles in peer group supervision
  • A selection of basic consultation modules for the consultation phase
  • Practicing peer group supervision with reflection on the processes
  • Communication skills: Asking questions, listening, feedback, hypotheses 
  • Agreements for self-directed practice within the peer group
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Advanced training


If a group already has some practical experiences with self-directed peer group supervision, it makes sense for them to expand their skills and repertoire of consultation modules, and to systematically evaluate past experiences. An advanced seminar usually takes a day or two. It can also be repeated after some time as a refresher.

  • Reflection on the self-directed peer group supervision focusing on the consultation process and group development
  • Expanding the repertoire of consultation modules
  • Practicing peer group supervision with reflection on the consultation processes
  • Questions about the methodology, consultation modules, and beneficial conditions
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Customised trainings


We offer customised trainings for those who wish to pass on the methods of peer group supervision as multipliers such as trainers, personnel developers, or consultants upon request.

Depending on what is needed, we offer various objectives and contents tailored to specific wishes, goals, or target groups such as keynotes for experiences groups, multi-part programs for in-house target groups, or a combination of peer group supervision with other methods for coaches, project managers, or mentors.

More offers

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Business consulting for peer group supervision

We know what is necessary for productive peer group supervision. We can provide you with all the necessary insights and guidance and offer business consulting for a successful implementation of peer group supervision in your organisation.

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Assistance for existing peer groups

We assist existing peer groups to improve their peer group supervision processes and to overcome potentially hindering internal group dynamics, to ensure you get the most out of your peer group supervision experience. 

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Keynote on peer group supervision

We are happy to give you and your interested audience an informative and engaging overview of what peer group supervision is all about.

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