Target groups

Target groups

Who benefits from peer group supervision?

To systematically reflect on the work life is important for those who need to manage complex situations, diverse challenges, and navigate different relationships or interactions.

Signet von kollegialer Beratung nach Dr. Kim-Oliver Tietze

There is a huge variety of professions that benefit from peer group supervision. They all have in common that professional cooperation, interactions, and communication with employees, customers, patients, or clients are absolutely essential to their jobs. This includes for example many positions in companies, public authorities or administrations, as well as psychosocial or educative areas such as schools or universities. 

Peer group supervision is suitable for employees who experience situations with challenging encounters and interactions, decision-making dilemmas, conflicting goals, or role conflict almost on a daily basis. Those situations need to be treated carefully and necessitate well-thought actions. Structured peer group supervision promotes the skills to handle those challenging situations well and increases the quality of reflections on those with the help of various perspectives.


Heads of departments, team leaders, sales force, project managers, entrepreneurs, junior managers, inhouse consultants, managing directors, personnel developers, IT staff, engineers

Public authorities

Head officials, divisional directors, professional services, team leaders, employees, teams in general social, welfare or health services, official guardians, employment advisers, police and law enforcement, judges and prosecutors


Teachers of all kinds of educational facilities, school principals, school counsellors, school psychologists, professional seminar teachers, school social workers

Social services

Employees and volunteers in refugee aid, legal guardians, employees in child, youth and family welfare, emergency counselling, daycare managers and employees, assistants to blind and visually impaired people


Professors, student support, doctoral candidates, teachers, researchers and research assistants, university management, staff in career centres or international offices, administrative leaders and project managers, secretaries


Psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, nurse managers, occupational therapists, speech therapists


Mediators, architects, lawyers, business coaches, clinical supervisors, coaches, sports psychologists

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